Head of English
Ark Isaac Newton Academy

Isaac Newton Academy, Redbridge

Interim Principal: Jo Spencer


Head of English


Start Date:               September 2019

Location:                  Ilford, Redbridge

Deadline:                 11am 23rd April 2019

Salary:                      Ark MPS (£28,286-£39,937) / UPR (£41,925-£45,086) & TLR allowance


In September 2012 Isaac Newton Academy opened with its inaugural cohort of 180 year 7 students. The school will grow, year on year, to become an 11-18 academy of 1250 students with specialist status in mathematics and music. In 2014 the primary phase of the academy opened to 90 reception-aged children. This too will grow each year, until full in September 2020.

Job Description: Head of English


Reporting to:                          A member of the SLT


Line Management of:         Staff within English and the Library


Disclosure level:                   Enhanced


This job description should be read in conjunction with the ARK teaching staff contract and Isaac Newton Academy Vision and Expectations paper.



The Role – key responsibilities

·         To lead and manage the subject area

·         To be accountable for student progress and attainment levels within the subject area

·         To ensure that strategies are in place to maximise levels of attainment in English and of literacy for all students

·         To take responsibility for the development of literacy and reading across the whole Academy

·         To develop and enhance the practice of other members of staff in the subject area

·         To contribute to the strategic leadership of the Academy, developing, implementing and evaluating systems, policies and procedures

·         To actively promote the Academy and liaise with outside agencies as necessary, representing the  Academy or ARK as appropriate

·         To maintain a presence around the school to ensure that the highest standards of behaviour and site-usage are upheld

·         To contribute to discussions and decisions at Extended Leadership Team meetings

·         To communicate and liaise with staff, students, parents, governors and members of the local community as appropriate

·         To be active in issues of staff and student welfare and support

·         To maintain a teaching timetable, modelling outstanding practice in terms of classroom teaching, preparation, marking and assessment

·         To demonstrate a commitment to Equality of Opportunity for all members of the Academy’s community


Curriculum and Assessment

  • To design an engaging and challenging English curriculum that enables all students to enjoy the subject and achieve at the highest level, supported by detailed schemes of learning which ensure consistence and coherence across English teaching
  • To teach and model the delivery of outstanding lessons that motivate and inspire students, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve at the highest levels
  • To review and develop the curriculum, involving subject staff and students
  • To keep up to date with national developments in the subject area at each key stage and teaching practice and pedagogy
  • To liaise with partner schools, feeder schools, universities and HE institutions, sharing and gleaning best practice and using it to inform the practice of the subject team
  • To actively monitor and respond to curriculum developments and initiatives at national, regional and local levels and to disseminate this knowledge to staff
  • To set, oversee and evaluate regular, relevant and diagnostic assessments for students ensuring that they are carried out consistently by all subject staff and standardised /moderated thoroughly
  • To ensure that all student data is understood, interpreted and utilised by all subject staff to modify planning and personalise support
  • To ensure that a range of enrichment and extension activities are offered to and taken up by students to enhance their literacy skills, confidence in and love of the subject and attainment levels
  • To ensure that book weeks, poetry days, subject-related competitions, trips and visits take place regularly
  • To work closely with the Librarian to promote reading and the use of the Library 
  • To play an active role in English teacher networks, e.g.  in Redbridge and at ARK
  • To ensure that statutory requirements are met
  • To ensure that all subject staff are marking, assessing and providing feedback in line with best practice and Academy policy at all times


 Monitoring and Evaluation

  • To monitor the effectiveness of teaching and learning within the subject area, through regular lesson observations, book looks and other data collection methods
  • To ensure that all staff have short,  medium and long term plans to deliver highly effective lessons and schemes of learning
  • To regularly and forensically review the attainment and progress of all students,  groups and subgroups with subject staff and plan, implement and oversee support and interventions
  • To produce reports as required on student attainment and progress
  • To liaise with all appropriate personnel regarding support for student progress, including SENCO, SLT and parents/carers
  • To ensure that all Academy policies are implemented consistently by subject staff


 Strategic Leadership

  • To lead the development of whole school literacy : training and supporting all staff as teachers of reading and role models in the use of standard English, and supporting all teaching staff in the development of students’ extended writing and  effective speaking and listening
  • To lead  colleagues in the subject area in formulating aims, objectives and strategic plans for the team which support and complement those of the Academy
  • To produce an annual Team Improvement Plan and monitor and evaluate its delivery and impact
  • To plan the deployment and development of staff expertise to achieve subject Team Improvement Plan objectives


Staff  Development

  • To support the development and training of subject staff (teaching and operational), ensuring that their CPD needs are met, and all staff in terms of literacy development across the Academy
  • To establish a structure for mentoring, coaching and line managing staff in the subject area, including NQTs and BTs as appropriate
  • To act as Performance Manager for members of the subject area, carrying out PM reviews in line with the Academy’s policy and setting challenging and appropriate targets
  • To support other members of the team in discharging their PM duties and to monitor the effectiveness of PM arrangements within the subject team
  • To participate in the recruitment process for members of the subject team
  • To ensure effective induction of new staff in line with Academy procedures
  • To promote teamwork and to motivate staff to ensure effective relations
  • To be responsible for the deployment of staff and the day to day management of subject colleagues, acting as a positive role model
  • To provide advice to colleagues on threshold progression, career development etc.
  • To support and challenge team members, including in circumstances when they are underperforming
  • To organise effective team meetings with relevant agendas centred on teaching and learning and raising attainment



  • To effectively manage and deploy teaching and operational staff in the subject area
  • To effectively manage the subject area’s budget in order to progress agreed team and Academy priorities, maximize attainment and ensure value for money
  • To effectively manage physical resources, stock and subject accommodation in order to maximize attainment levels and maintain an environment conducive to learning
  • To ensure that risk assessments and health and safety checks are carried out in line with Academy policy



  • To act as a co-tutor and BRIDGES mentor
  • To meet the expectations of all INA staff as laid out in the Staff Expectations Policy
  • To uphold all Academy policies with consistency and diligence
  • To undertake any other professional duties as set down in the ARK Schools pay and conditions of service document, and as directed by the Principal.

Person Specification: Head of English 


Qualification criteria

  • Qualified to at least degree level
  • Qualified to teach in the UK
  • Qualified to work in the UK



·         In-depth knowledge of the English National Curriculum, KS4 GCSE and KS5 A-level specifications

·         Up to date knowledge of English curriculum developments



·         Experience of having worked successfully in at least one school in an urban, multi-cultural setting, teaching students from backgrounds of socio-economic disadvantage

·         Experience of delivering consistently outstanding lessons to students of all ages and abilities

·         Experience of implementing behaviour management strategies consistently and effectively

·         Experience of supporting students of all ages and abilities to make excellent progress and achieve impressive examination outcomes

·         Experience of having designed, implemented and evaluated effective, imaginative and stimulating Schemes of Learning

·         Experience of having contributed to policy formulation, implementation, evaluation and review 


Skills, Behaviours and Qualities

·         Vision aligned with ARK and the academy’s high aspirations and high expectations of self and others

·         An understanding of the strategies needed to establish consistently high aspirations and standards of results and behaviour in an urban school setting and commitment to relentlessly implementing these strategies

·         The ability to create a united, committed and highly effective staff subject team

·         A confident and forensic use of data to inform and diagnose weaknesses that need addressing and ability to effectively action plan to raise individuals’ and cohorts’ attainment

·         An understanding of what outstanding teaching practice looks like and how to diagnose and implement effective strategies to raise learning standards

·         A passion for the subject

·         An effective leadership and management style that encourages participation, innovation and develops colleagues’ confidence

·         The ability to work in close harmony with all staff

·         The ability to lead, coach and motivate staff within a performance management framework, providing professional development and effectively challenging and managing  any underperformance

·         The ability to develop the leadership skills of others as well as to learn from others

·         The ability to enthuse and inspire others

·         Excellent listening skills

·         Strong interpersonal, written and oral communication skills

·         Strong organisational and time-management skills and the ability to delegate appropriately

·         Passion, resilience and optimism to lead through day-to-day challenges while maintaining a clear strategic vision and direction

·         A firm and constant belief in the unlimited potential of every student and a commitment to inclusive educational provision

·         The ability to skillfully manage and maintain effective working relationships with parents, governors, community members and other stakeholders

·         The ability to consistently deliver outstanding lessons

·         A commitment to the safeguarding and welfare of all students

·         The ability to develop positive relationships with all young people

·         The ability to take personal responsibility, a readiness to reflect and self-evaluate and the ability to change, improve and develop

·         Confidence and self-motivation

·         The ability to work well under pressure

·         The ability to be decisive

·         High levels of honesty and integrity

·         A sense of humour and desire to have fun



·         This post is subject to an enhanced Criminal Records Bureau disclosure.

·         The post holder must be committed to safeguarding the welfare of children and to providing equality of opportunity.